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Wicked - The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz
The hit musical with brains, heart and courage
Hugely popular musical
A wicked and wonderful vision of Oz

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Booking from
Thursday, 16 September 2021

Booking until
Sunday, 28 May 2023

Running time
2 hours 45 minutes (incl. interval)

Performance Times

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Thrills await you as flying monkeys and ruby red slippers take the stage, zooming you back into the wonderful world of the Wizard of Oz... with a contemporary twist. It's a tornado-topping delight, a genuinely spellbinding musical that does a lot more than merely trot out the old story we all know and love so much. This is different. Very different.

Hang onto your hats and take a ride with Wicked, inspired by the original book and still-brilliant Technicolor movie starring Judy Garland. Adapted from Gregory Maguire’s amazing mid-1990s novel, this is a powerhouse of a theatrical spectacle that subverts the original story of Oz to deliver a shocking explanation of how the famous witches of Oz earned their reputations.

Meet Glinda the Good and the horrid Wicked Witch of the West. Fall in love with their story. And find out what the fantastic world of Oz was like long before Dorothy and Toto fell from the skies. The costumes are simply splendid. The effects, as you'd expect, are mind-blowing. And it's been hot London theatreland property for long enough to make it more or less a legend in its own lifetime. Don't miss it!

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Young Couples:

Thoroughly enjoyable
Great show, fab staging, cast, singing, quality of sound. Amazing performance from Laura Pick as Elphaba who stood in (had done a whole run before) but if you didn't buy the expensive £10 programme you'd've not known it was her, as the slip of paper informing us wasn't distributed to the seats. Only lost hearing a few sung words here and there re diction from a minor character (but that might have been a mic issue) but it didn't affect plot comprehension. It's interesting that it's an imagined story, created much later than the original stories by L. Frank Baum, of what was going on prior to Dorothy's arrival. I didn't see much of what was supposed be the reference to Dorothy herself from where I was sitting, but I didn't think it mattered. Mine was a last minute booking, myself & a friend, and seats still a bit pricey considering the cost of living, and that we were way up in the upper part of the circle. Not suitable if anyone has mobility issues as the steps are steep with nothing to hold onto. The queues for the loos were ridiculously long in the interval. Even though many people passed by to use the loos during the show, which was a bit annoying as their silhouettes constantly blocked our view but it was only momentarily, at least that meant that the queue wasn't therefore as long as it might have been. We made the mistake of waiting for it to go down. I joined it about 5 mins before interval end & just made it back to my seat, but my friend who joined it with 2 mins to go didn't, & had to climb the steps in the dark, probably annoying someone. We couldn't book other, better seats at the same price where only 3 in a row were left, as you "can't leave a single seat". I presume if it sold out with only a 3 left the algorithm would have allowed it, as who would book 3 seats if there's only 2 in your group?. Watch out for seats behind 'restricted view' seats as the restricted viewers may well get in the way as they crane their heads, or sit forward, thereby blocking your entire view.
Rosamund, 17 May 2022
Out of this world
A very entertaining musical and excellent scenery and the cast are excellent
John, 14 May 2022
Muster see
Great voices
Daniela, 14 May 2022
Fab-u-lous, high quality show.
Stuart, 11 May 2022
Defies Expectations (and gravity!)
Absolutely amazing show , the stage from the moment you sit down is truly magical and helps you indulge yourself into the story ! I had the pleasure of watching Amy Webb as Elphaba and Helen Woolf as G(ah)linda and these two professionals blew me away with their top form harmonies and amazing vocals! I would 100% recommend seeing this show !
Daniel, 11 May 2022
Oh my
Don't usually go for musicals but I was complete spellbound by Wicked. A little bit pantomine in places, but put a new spin on Oz. Very clever story.
Carol, 02 May 2022
Phenomenal!!! Have to see it to believe it . Best show ever
Jade, 30 Apr 2022
Not the first time I’ve seen Wicked, every time I see it I’m just blown away. The story never gets old and I’m always so amazed by the show, gets better everytime I see it. It’s a classic and no matter how much you see it the show will always surprise you, it will make you cry, laugh and smile!
Sarah, 29 Apr 2022
Well done!
Jane, 26 Apr 2022
Well done
Interesting to know both sides of the story and gave you a different perspective regarding the witches in the show.
Julia, 23 Apr 2022
I loved it, kids didn't
I enjoyed this show with two kids 11 and 13 and my partner. The children haven't ever been to a big musical production before and from the description, they chose this one. I loved the show, particularly the story line. The acting, sounds system and production all in all was excellent. The kids however (admittedly tired after a long day out in London) were not enamoured with the show. I heard a similar aged boy leaving the show with the same sentiment :-) I'm not sure what show would have hit the buttons but the emotional and moral storyline of this show didn't engage them. The 11 yr olds favourite bit was the monkey actors at the beginning. My partner slept in the first half but did enjoy the second half though. I would recommend the show to musical fans.
Lisa, 21 Apr 2022
A must see
Excellent acting from the cast, costumes were superb.
desmond, 21 Apr 2022
Excellent show, origin story of Wicked Witch of the West from Oz encorporated all characters from Wizard of Oz. Excellent acting, singing and costumes a must see for all!
Niamh, 20 Apr 2022
A must see! Great every time!
Sebastian, 19 Apr 2022
Amelia, 18 Apr 2022
Pinar, 16 Apr 2022
It was really great show.
Tadahiro, 16 Apr 2022
Great show
Patrick, 16 Apr 2022
It’s okay
Of you are a avid wizzard of oz the movie fan, this show will leave more questions than answers
Hendrik, 16 Apr 2022
Morris, 16 Apr 2022
You won’t see wizard of Oz in the same light after this
Some very very loud singing but excellent storyline, acting and songs. Never thought I’d feel sorry for the wicked witch of the west. Great for kids and families.
Kay, 16 Apr 2022
Simply Fabulous
Pauline, 15 Apr 2022
Great show
Amazing singers and dancers
Haley, 15 Apr 2022
Powerful and entertaining
This was a great show and we enjoyed it a lot. We saw the matinee at 2.30 and it was a good time to watch a show. Great music and great actors!
Caroline, 14 Apr 2022
Very goood
Franz, 14 Apr 2022
An enjoyable show for everyone. An all-round excellent production which was elevated by the two leading ladies. Recommended for all.
KEVIN, 13 Apr 2022
Seen at long last
Really enjoyed the story . Visually and musically amazing. However very frustrating to be herded into the foyer when the advice on tickets was to arrive early to enable social distancing.
Suzanne, 13 Apr 2022
Beyond words
This show is a must see for everyone. You can really escape from reality for a while and enjoy every minute, it's really funny and enjoyable
Sarah, 13 Apr 2022
Grew on me
I felt the first act could have been 20-30 mins shorter without loosing plot or enjoyment. I enjoyed the underlying political message that developed and adaptation of the well loved story from another pov. Some songs quite forgettable and mared by overly theatrical singing that occasionally was off pitch. Elphaba and the wizard were fabulous and a couple of excellent musical numbers with clever lyrics.
Catherine, 13 Apr 2022
Great show. However seat x8 has to be the most uncomfortable seat I've ever sat in. I'm 170cm and there was not enough leg room whatever I did. Ended up sitting on the stairs. Shame as the show itself was superb
Naomi, 13 Apr 2022
Amazing show for people who do not typically go to the theatre. This is the show to see!
Loved it! It was a little long, but still worth it!
Nicole, 13 Apr 2022
Nice but too long…too much different trmas
Andres, 12 Apr 2022
Absolutely amazing show. The singing was so powerful, the costumes and light effects were fantastic, it was funny and moving and a definite must see. Loved the story line and how it was intertwined with the original Wizard of Oz story.
Joanne, 11 Apr 2022
Amazing show! the whole cast put on a phenomenal performance
Martyn, 09 Apr 2022
Great entertainment
Enjoyable professional show.
Joan, 07 Apr 2022
We sat right at the back and had a great view. Sound was excellent for music, songs and effects, but often not so good for speech, there were parts we couldn't hear.
Alicia, 05 Apr 2022
Superb! Brilliant! Fantastic! Nothing else to say!!
Jill, 03 Apr 2022
I think children under 10 would not benefit ftom this. Some parts were quite dramatic, and scary.
Elaine, 03 Apr 2022
wicked title
wicked is a fabulous show lively non stop entertainment - some parts would be maybe scary for youngsters but the rest is fabulous
Julie, 02 Apr 2022
Excellent Production, Lighting and Cast. Very colourful
Very energetic show and very colourful. Storyline good and cast were very enthusiastic.
Valerie, 01 Apr 2022
We enjoyed the production overall especially the setsdesign and arrangement, the overall energy,costumes dancing and music, Unfortunately the sound quality and annunciation was very poor apart from Gary Wilmot who was excellent, which prevented us from following the storyline in full
John, 30 Mar 2022
Incredible, captivating, fun, enjoyable, one not to miss!
Anne, 28 Mar 2022
Keith, 28 Mar 2022
I throughly enjoyed it.
I would recommend watching you. You won’t be disappointed. Loved it
Servet, 27 Mar 2022
Would have loved it more, if I could hear half the lyrics
Taha, 25 Mar 2022
Amazing show
Judit, 25 Mar 2022
Out of this world .I highly recommend
The performance was excellent. The service staff excellent. The performance have so much talent.
Marjorie, 25 Mar 2022
Exceeded all expectations
Terry, 24 Mar 2022
nicholas, 24 Mar 2022
Fabulous show
The show was fabulous and couldn’t fault the singing from the whole cast, lucies voice was phenomenal, would love to see it again
Jane, 23 Mar 2022
Wicked the musical
A very colourful and lively musical with a fantastic storyline, amazing acting cast, dancing, music, costumes. Everything you would want from a show for all the family from young to old.
Miss Samantha, 20 Mar 2022
Amazing show I’ve seen twice now and it only gets better. The actors are amazing the story is amazing it’s just an amazing show.
Natasha, 20 Mar 2022
Jamie, 19 Mar 2022
Leaves you feeling wicked!!
Nicola, 19 Mar 2022
Brilliant, we loved it
So good to be back watching live theatre and Wicked is absolutely brilliant! Costumes are stunning, singing phenomenal - what a show!
Claire, 19 Mar 2022
A must see!
Rugile, 15 Mar 2022
Fun and entertaining show
Iva, 15 Mar 2022
must see!
Audrey, 14 Mar 2022
Amazing show
Wonderful songs and special effects
Janet, 12 Mar 2022
Absolutely fabulous
Sarah, 11 Mar 2022
Had a great time was a spectacle and loved every minute.
Michael, 11 Mar 2022
Really enjoyable!
Claire, 09 Mar 2022
Wild about wicked
Shannon, 06 Mar 2022
Great feel good up. Tempo Lovely story Great singing Wonderful costumes
Rachel, 27 Feb 2022
Amazing even from the noise bleed seats
I took my 5 year old daughter, she was amazed and in owe as was I. It was excellent, the only criticism was the toilets a massive que for the gents and only one cubicle for my daughter to use, lucky the staff help and took us to a disabled loo by the entrance which was not ideal. But other than that everything else was perfect
Chris, 27 Feb 2022
Brilliant must see
An excellent production thorough enjoyed.
Barry, 27 Feb 2022
Amazing performance
Fabulous show for all the family, very good theatre easily accessible would definitely visit again
Hazel, 26 Feb 2022
Its amezimg i love it so muts
I that it wud be ok bud by the vurst song was amazing. I am a big fan of the old oz movies and this story Un koverd a lot the story literlie blow my mide
Eva, 26 Feb 2022
Really good production
Kate, 26 Feb 2022
To hot the theater is like being in Turkey in the middle of summer
Charlene, 24 Feb 2022
It has everything you want from a show
Went with my daughter and teenage grandchildren . Suitable family play enjoined by all. The monkeys were great, very well acted and their staging and costumes were amazing.
Jane, 24 Feb 2022
Great show; enjoyed with my family!
Poornima, 23 Feb 2022
Amazing show. A lot of dedication and hard work by all the cast.
Glynes, 23 Feb 2022
Creative, great effects and a must see!
Michael, 23 Feb 2022
Great family show
My girls have wanted to see this for such a long time - we finally made it! Great show, we’ll be watching The Wizard of Oz this weekend to keep the feeling going and to help my 9 year old understand it better. May would have been helpful to watch this before. Standing ovation shows how grateful the audience was to be back watching such talent on our stages again - thank you all!
Jo, 23 Feb 2022
It b
I e seen wicked a few times and it never fails.
Paula, 21 Feb 2022
Brilliantly captivating
The music and singing was amazing! Even if your not really one for musicals you can’t help but be pulled in by the outstanding vocals.
Keely, 19 Feb 2022
It’s wicked!!!
I love it. I can relate with the story’s deeper message. It’s a show good for everyone. I’m sure that every family will enjoy it. I totally recommend it. It’s worth watching.
Lilybeth, 19 Feb 2022
What a show
Fantastic to be back watching a live show. Wonderful costumes and superb acting and singing
Fiona, 17 Feb 2022
What an amazing show!
Our family loved this show! The storyline is great and we loved that it links so well into the Wizard of Oz. The performance was incredibly high quality and the singing utterly brilliant. A must see for all!
Carole, 17 Feb 2022
Singing is out of this world
Hannah, 13 Feb 2022
There was too much talking from other audience members which was distracting and rude. Also rustling packed of food was annoying
Isabella, 12 Feb 2022
Absolutely incredible show! Loved every second
Ben, 10 Feb 2022
Loved it!
Finally been able to see Wicked and it was a dream come true! Loved the show, great theatre, great acting. Would recommend!
Nona, 10 Feb 2022
Ankur, 07 Feb 2022
Made me cry again!
Really enjoyed the show, love Wicked and fast was amazing and didn’t disappoint, thanks to all
Ian, 06 Feb 2022
Wicked show was mediocre in many sense. The plot was insignificant and the acting felt like in a school musical. Only the second leading role of Garlinda was brilliantly humorous and well sang. The sound of the band in Apollo was in imbalance and dumped, often too quite to get to the feeling except the special effects of Dr.Oz that were too loud. Wouldn’t recommend this show.
Aram, 05 Feb 2022
Must see
The singing was out of this world
Peter, 03 Feb 2022
Colourful, exciting and inspiring
Alan, 29 Jan 2022
Outstanding show!
It’s just brilliant
Juan, 27 Jan 2022
Wicked write up
Brilliant show we all loved it. Great music and a fantastic story. My daughter's first experience of the theatre and she loved it.
Claire, 23 Jan 2022
Incredibly talented performers
Would recommend wicked to people of all ages! A musical classic
Miriam, 22 Jan 2022
Great 21st Birthday treat
Took Daughter for her 21st. Great show and amazing staging throughout. Loved it!
Ian, 15 Jan 2022
Must see.. Glad we did it finally
Very good as expected. Beautiful and talented performers.
Ruth, 14 Jan 2022
Amazing performances
Shailesh, 09 Jan 2022
I took my 10 year old daughter for her very first theatre production, and it did not disappoint!
charleen, 09 Jan 2022
Have seen before better three years ago than this company.
Janice, 08 Jan 2022
Dedinelty a must see
This was my first experience of the theatre and I was blown away, the actors and actresses were fantastic. The music was amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better night. The whole crew should be proud
Simon, 08 Jan 2022
A Classic so it’s a must see
Laoise, 06 Jan 2022
Excelent show, didn't do encore though
Mark, 05 Jan 2022