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Wicked - The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz
The hit musical with brains, heart and courage
Hugely popular musical
A wicked and wonderful vision of Oz

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

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Sunday, 27 November 2022

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Thrills await you as flying monkeys and ruby red slippers take the stage, zooming you back into the wonderful world of the Wizard of Oz... with a contemporary twist. It's a tornado-topping delight, a genuinely spellbinding musical that does a lot more than merely trot out the old story we all know and love so much. This is different. Very different.

Hang onto your hats and take a ride with Wicked, inspired by the original book and still-brilliant Technicolor movie starring Judy Garland. Adapted from Gregory Maguire’s amazing mid-1990s novel, this is a powerhouse of a theatrical spectacle that subverts the original story of Oz to deliver a shocking explanation of how the famous witches of Oz earned their reputations.

Meet Glinda the Good and the horrid Wicked Witch of the West. Fall in love with their story. And find out what the fantastic world of Oz was like long before Dorothy and Toto fell from the skies. The costumes are simply splendid. The effects, as you'd expect, are mind-blowing. And it's been hot London theatreland property for long enough to make it more or less a legend in its own lifetime. Don't miss it!

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Young Couples:

Wicked - Waste of time
Absolutely garbage, wasted my money and time watching this. Only stayed for 30mins
Matthew, 28 Nov 2021
The songs, the singers, the lights, the players, everything was astounding. Very good and thank you…
Philippe, 27 Nov 2021
Amazing, fun and beautiful
Charlotte, 25 Nov 2021
A little slow at the beginning but once started was really good to watch
MICHAELA, 24 Nov 2021
It was okay.
SPYRIDON, 23 Nov 2021
Creative a must see
Carol, 21 Nov 2021
Definitely must go and see
Loved every minute of it a must for everyone
Margaret, 20 Nov 2021
It was fantastic no children screaming brilliant view loved it
Jason, 19 Nov 2021
I hated the show I found it boring. There was also a guy behind us who was very rude.
Adam, 18 Nov 2021
A must see show!
Having heard all the hype about the show from friends, I was not left disappointed by the show! Charming story executed excellently by all the cast!
Siobhan, 18 Nov 2021
Brilliant show
christopher, 16 Nov 2021
The best i have seen! Must see!
I took my 11 year old to see this for her birthday, and the performance was a huge highlight. The set, costumes, acting and performances were of the highest calibre, and gave us goose bumps. Laura Pick is amazing as the Witch!. I couldn't review this show higher!
Ben, 15 Nov 2021
Not what I was expecting
Thoroughly enjoyed this show, Wizard of Oz with a twist.
Jacqueline, 11 Nov 2021
Great show!!
Paula, 10 Nov 2021
Best show in London time
Best experience in a long time ⌛ don't get why we needed to shoe lf test .
Tim, 09 Nov 2021
Awesome, fantastic, wonderful musical to be seen!
NATHALIE, 30 Oct 2021
Must see
Sarah, 30 Oct 2021
Fantastic traditional musical.
Margaret, 27 Oct 2021
Enjoyed the show just found very very crowded no social distance in place atall , good show little Screachy from where we was in dress circle
gemma, 24 Oct 2021
Oz takes it back
Good prequel to the Oz franchise.
Carole, 24 Oct 2021
Great show, must see
Sarah, 23 Oct 2021
A great show!
Patricia, 23 Oct 2021
Wonderfull and exciting
A really Wonderfull and exciting show with Wonderfull leads with fantastic voices The costumes and stage were all fantastic
Colin, 22 Oct 2021
I watched Wicked yesterday and I’m still buzzing today about it.What a feel good show.It was just perfect.Absolutely thrilled to have seen it.
Helen, 17 Oct 2021
Best thing we did on our trip to London
Compared to other shows, these tickets were inexpensive and we were pleasantly surprised with the view!
Samara, 11 Oct 2021
Great experience
Ray Magaya, 06 Oct 2021
Freeeeezing theatre, which distracted from the show
Music was a bit too loud which made it hard to enjoy the singing. Great story, but it was hard to concentrate as I was shivering even with a jumper and thick coat
Joanne, 05 Oct 2021
Everything about the show and performance was 10 out of 10. I only found the seats were extremely uncomfortable which was a shame as its a long time to sit uncomfortably
Jonathan, 02 Oct 2021
Sonia, 02 Oct 2021
Very good show,entertaining for all the family.
Lee, 30 Sep 2021
Great show
Great show with amazing music and production. Needs to be made clear that proof of vaccination or rapid test is required as that wasn’t mentioned in booking confirmation or on theatre website so was a stressful first few minutes before they said I could do a temperature check instead.
Vanessa, 24 Sep 2021
Wicked!! (most of the time)
This show has everything you’d expect from a Musical. Some of the songs do go on too long and the diction is hard to understand at times but generally a Wicked show!!
Paul, 24 Sep 2021
I've wanted to see this for years and spontaneously got a ticket 2 hours before the show. The whole cast are so talented and a joy to watch. Great story, great acting, great everything
Ellice, 18 Sep 2021
From beginning to end the show is amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed everything about it and would def see it again. 5
Ashley, 24 Sep 2017
Saw Wicked last night. Fantastic in every way. Thoroughly recommend it.
Gary, 17 Sep 2017
The best show I've seen in 5 countries .... so glad I waited for London to see this one!!!
Jamie, 16 Sep 2017
A magnificent experience everyone should encounter
Music was tremendous, the actors were first class. The whole experience just engulfs you with excitement from start to finish.
Susan, 06 Sep 2017
We just loved the show. It gave us goosebumps. What amazing energy and talent. We would love to see it again one day!
Julie, 05 Sep 2017
Magical and spellbinding
Actors gave 100% making the performance magical. Wonderful set and props my boys 7 + 12 kept their attention. OK it's a musical but would have liked a touch more dialogue but there you go, it's a musical. Seats were only booked less than a week to go so purchased row X in the circle and I thought they were fine. £22 each so happy with that. Overall a great experience for a not that musical kind of family! Couple things to remember - it's at the Apollo Victoria so not in the thick of the theatres and the merchandise is a tad overpriced. Enjoy - go to have a good time and you will !
Nicolas, 02 Sep 2017
much better than expected
I'm not a musicals fan, so I went into this show with low expectations , but the show was super fun and the whole production was amazing. Really great stuff.
Vlatko, 28 Aug 2017
Wicked always wins!
Absolutely fantastic show. I actually got emotional finally hearing Defying Gravity live and in person.
Emily, 17 Aug 2017
i'm not a musical fan, but my daughter was so excited to see the show I went . . .and I loved it, great twist to the Wizard of Oz story . . no spoilers:)
Paul, 17 Aug 2017
Simply breathtaking
Don't hesitate, just book, go and indulge in a work of art
Terry, 06 May 2014
A magical adaptation of the prequel
What a fantastic show. Everything from the story to the singing. It is quite a long show but worth every minute.
Gabriella , 16 Jan 2014
wicked -matinee
the show was excellent. I didn't know the story line in advance. I think the experience was all the better for it. I don't think it's a show for young children - there were lots there and many didn't seem to be following the story.
Helen, 10 Nov 2013
Wicked!!! Would go and watch again.
The show was amazing. We sat stalls- R43/R44 and they were very good seats, we could see the whole stage without having to look over people's shoulders. The lead actresses were brilliant, every time a musical number ended there was a standing ovation! The 'wicked witch' stole the show with her amazing voice. families, couples and all in between will enjoy! 9/10!
Mrs Kaye, 26 May 2013
incredible night out
Stunning costumes, set designs and lighting from start to finish. The two female leads were both great comedic actors, and great singers. A mesmerizing evening
jan, 12 Jul 2012