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Wicked - The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz
The hit musical with brains, heart and courage
Hugely popular musical
A wicked and wonderful vision of Oz

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

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Sunday, 2 June 2024

Running time
2 hours 45 minutes (incl. interval)

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Thrills await you as flying monkeys and ruby red slippers take the stage, zooming you back into the wonderful world of the Wizard of Oz... with a contemporary twist. It's a tornado-topping delight, a genuinely spellbinding musical that does a lot more than merely trot out the old story we all know and love so much. This is different. Very different.

Hang onto your hats and take a ride with Wicked, inspired by the original book and still-brilliant Technicolor movie starring Judy Garland. Adapted from Gregory Maguire’s amazing mid-1990s novel, this is a powerhouse of a theatrical spectacle that subverts the original story of Oz to deliver a shocking explanation of how the famous witches of Oz earned their reputations.

Meet Glinda the Good and the horrid Wicked Witch of the West. Fall in love with their story. And find out what the fantastic world of Oz was like long before Dorothy and Toto fell from the skies. The costumes are simply splendid. The effects, as you'd expect, are mind-blowing. And it's been hot London theatreland property for long enough to make it more or less a legend in its own lifetime. Don't miss it!

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Young Couples:

Must see show
I found this show to be very engaging and it threw you into the world of Oz and the characters lives
Elizabeth, 18 Mar 2023
Colourful, fantastic songs and a brilliant story
Costumes were exceptional, and the music was fantastic - albeit at certain times this drowned out the voices, particularly 'Glinda's'. Sadly latecomers were allowed in 20 mins in, disturbing my mother and I, obscuring our view which was only exaggerated by the steward's attempts to sneak them in subtly. As such, the second half was much stronger than the first. Overall - 7.5/10.
Matthew, 16 Mar 2023
Must see!!!
Don’t miss this show. One of the best I have ever seen. GO NOW.
David, 16 Mar 2023
Incredible show
The cast were incredible. Singing was amazing. The set and costumes were so colourful and exciting. The whole show was wonderful. Would go back again and again. Some restriction on my view. But we were so close to the stage and felt the magic.
Vicky, 16 Mar 2023
This show is associated with a lot of hype, but it failed to excite two experienced 60+ theatre goers. It is clearly targeting younger viewers. The story was hard to follow because we couldn't hear the words in the songs at all and were only a little wiser when there was any spoken words. A lavish spectacular production, but let down by average songs which all sounded alike and unclear lyrics. However I do feel we were in the minority (apart from the young couple in front of us who left with half an hour to go)
Trevor, 15 Mar 2023
A must see to believe.
It was very well produced, excellent entertainment. Would love to see it again.
Trevina, 11 Mar 2023
Unforgettable experience
The storyline is cleverly developed between the two sisters. There are an array of emotions expressed and the dialogue is easy to understand. Great energy and passionate performances. Loved it and would see it again.
Katherine, 05 Mar 2023
I’ve seen most musicals… this is the best
I am a frequent theatre goer and have my reservations about many. Haven’t got a single bad word to say against this musical - mainly thanks to Lucy who portrayed Elphaba in the most perfect way. Vocally, I can’t fault - and would go as far as to say that she is one of the best female vocalists I’ve seen in musical theatre as of yet. Her acting is 10/10 too; so likeable, hilarious and an all round perfect actress. The lady who played Glinda was just as perfect. Her likeability was my favourite part. She has a very tricky character to portray in my opinion - she’s done it amazingly well. You can’t help but adore her and her quite blatant stupidity. Solid laughs from the audience and vocally she could outsing Mariah Carey. She is phenomenal. Not a bad word to say about my entire experience. Everything was 10/10!!
Stephen, 26 Feb 2023
Creative, get on your broom and go to see it
Excellent story. A good spin on known characters, challenging your prejudices. Theatre is a lovely old fashioned one, just try not to visit the dress circle ladies room in the interval as an extensive queue.
Helen, 26 Feb 2023
What we liked : - the singing was amazing - the set had so many elements and yet the changes were seamless, the set itself was brilliant and magical. very well designed. - the plot is relevant and has an interesting take on the two witches of Oz. Thankfully, there was no unnecessary drama or confusion between the characters which can be irritating or frustrating for the audience. - Realistic character developments. - An absolute pleasure and unbelievable experience for musical and wizard of oz lovers alike! Will be a fond memory for us forevaaaa!! - the entire apollo theatre flaunted the wicked theme - green highlights, green seats, green binoc What could be improved (sorry - we love criticising things) - The dance could be more impactful. - For A FEW parts we wished there could be subtitles (obvs that's not possible) because the dialogues lacked clarity and we had discern what was going on. Doesn't make a huge difference but eh just gonna put it out there - some songs could be better-written.
Amiraah, 25 Feb 2023
Loud and proud
A simple story well executed but rather loud in places, the band outdo the actors so not well balanced as the sound team appear to turn up the volume to compensate.
Bernadette, 25 Feb 2023
Lovely evening
Reasonably priced tickets for a lovely show. My friend and I took our children (ages 5 & 7) to their first London musical. The children loved the music and costumes but were a little scared of the wizard and the monkeys. The singing was wonderful but the story felt a bit weak, especially the talking animal part, which felt a bit unsubstantial. We also expected a more dramatic finale. Probably wouldn’t go to see it again but we did enjoy it.
Charlotte, 16 Feb 2023
A show worth watching
A very good show that will appeal to everyone Eat and drink before hand. Prices are over the top. Queues for toilets are long at the interval The show is eccellant.
Simon, 04 Feb 2023
Singing and orchestration was brilliant. Clever plot. Nothing to find fault with. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would go again.
Sandra, 02 Feb 2023
The best show in town , at times difficult to hear the singing words
Sean, 28 Jan 2023
Birthday treat
The show had many great musical numbers. Especially Defying Gravity. The theatre was excellent with many food and drink offerings to enjoy during the performance. Definitely one to watch again!
Gregory, 21 Jan 2023
More singing than story
2 hours plus of non stop singing and trying to follow the story which was hardly spellbinding. Great performance. Needs to be re-directed and re-imagined.
Aydin, 20 Jan 2023
Great show for family or partner. Great effects and surprises. If you like the wizard of Oz, you are gonna love this.
pedro, 13 Jan 2023
Great Performance and Theatre
Loved the show and the theatre was well designed - bathrooms inside the theatre, good beverage/food service, comfortable chairs, good sound system.
Carmen, 10 Jan 2023
A Family Friendly Show- Amazing For All Ages!!
The show was amazing! I got tickets for Christmas and have been looking forward to it and the show definitely exceeded my expectations! The leg room is a bit tight so if you need extra I would say to book an aisle seat! Other than that it was amazing!
Emma, 08 Jan 2023
Delightful night out
When I was little Wicked was my everything, returning to my roots and seeing it again was more magical than the first time! You can tell the cast is truly happy doing what they love and it was the best time I’ve had!
Lillian, 04 Jan 2023
Wicked was wicked
Went as a family and everyone had a wonderfully wicked time
Rita, 24 Dec 2022
Great performance but plain story
Great performance but plain story
Chul, 23 Dec 2022
It brought tears to my eyes!!
This was my fourth time seeing Wicked. It gets better every time!! Well done to all involved, particularly in what is a very busy week for you. It was absolutely perfect!! Loved every second of it! Can’t wait to go again!!
Roisin, 21 Dec 2022
Boring Panto
I found it really boring. It should be aimed at small children and some humour put in it.
Allison, 21 Dec 2022
First show I've ever watched and I was transfixed. The costumes ,and lighting were truly amazing. And the power behind the voices of the two leading ladies was mesmerising.
barbara, 17 Dec 2022
For us it was the first musical we have seen in a London and it was perfect
DIANA, 16 Dec 2022
High quality theatre
Elphaba's actor had a phenomenal voice and really stole the show, she brought me to tears at one point! This was. my first time seeing wicked live and an experience I hope I'll never forget. 10/10!
Kate, 14 Dec 2022
The BEST musical I have ever seen
Hands down the best musical I have been to see. The vocals were outstanding, I had goosebumps and was in tears by the end. The costumes were amazing. I definitely see it again and recommend it to everyone. I would say it's not suitable for younger children, as I know my own would have been frightened during some parts, especially the very life-like dragon.
Elisa, 06 Dec 2022
Disappointing, boring musical
A boring, not engaging story (only couples of laughs from the audience). Couldn't understand 90% of the words sung - but anyway the plot was irrelevant. We thought of leaving half way. No idea why it is so hyped up. Sure, the costumes are nice, the stage and lighting is amazing but it was just boring and unintelligible. It's loud and flashy but sort of rubbish... See Book of Mormon instead.
Tabea, 04 Dec 2022
Over mall disappointing show with music incredibly uninspiring. Not one single song to remember. Way too loud singing almost shouting all the time. Costumes and stage were amazing on the other hand. Probably catered for 8-12 years old except it’s way too long…
ghislain, 04 Dec 2022
Poor storyline
Great stage set, costumes and talented actors but let down by a poor storyline. Just my opinion, obviously plenty of other people love this show.
Oliver, 04 Dec 2022
Great show, thoroughly enjoyable evening
Loved the show, had a really great evening would definitely recommend.
Joanne, 27 Nov 2022
Amazing cast everything was fantastic
I loved the show & would recommend it to mist people my grand daughter 18 & my oldest daughter thought it was all fabulous
Janice, 26 Nov 2022
excellent show
vanessa, 20 Nov 2022
14 x seeing WICKED and wasn’t disappointed!
LOVED it! Favourite musical. Only observation is that diversity within the cast was lacking, would be nice to see more representation of race.
Paul Andrew, 18 Nov 2022
Defying gravity is wicked
If you go to the matinee show bear in mind there are likely to be more children there and they may be inquisitive and ask questions during the performance.
Dean, 02 Nov 2022
Booked a last minute trip to London and managed to get tickets to see Wicked too which I have heard fab reviews for and it didn’t disappoint! Wow, I think this is my favourite West End / Broadway show to date.
Ruth, 30 Oct 2022
A great story
Really great show for families, easy to follow, acting amazing, singing outstanding. Theatre at its best. Also the theatre staff were so helpful and polite. I asked a doorman if he could recommend an Italian restaurant, he offered to take us there after the show. Above and beyond. Thank you
Christine, 27 Oct 2022
Good show
Good show just needed the sound person to sort out the group singing as you couldn’t understand what was being sung Therefore it spoiled the performance. For my granddaughter who is 16 and I.
Terri, 27 Oct 2022
First time we took our daughter to a west end show and it did not disappointment. The whole performance was magical and full of extraordinary talent. We can’t wait to return. If you haven’t seen wicked it’s a must see event!
Sally, 23 Oct 2022
Fairly boring...... Songs very samey
As above
Ross, 22 Oct 2022
A very admirable piece of work. Highly recommend it to others….👍
Maria, 16 Oct 2022
Amazing show!
Amazing show! I highly recommend this show! The caliber of acting and singing was absolutely breathtaking! Completely impressed! As an aside - I hurt my knee prior to the show and had to use a walking stick. Everyone on staff was incredible in trying to help and ensure I had no issues getting to my seat and navigating the stairs. Great experience all the way around.
Jenifer, 08 Oct 2022
Everything was amazing but the stage lighting was incredible!!!
Erin, 29 Sep 2022
model loved it when she went the music the dancing was fantastic 5-star
It was my daughter's 16th birthday I thought I treat her to see Wicked with a group of friends and she very enjoyed it love the music love the light in London you name it she loved it thank you
steven, 25 Sep 2022
Such a fantastic experience! Talented singers and the set and costumes were fabulous. Must see!
Heidi, 23 Sep 2022
Good show
We arrived at 2.32 pm so basically 2 min after “start” of the show and after our ticket was checked ,we were stopped by member od staff telling us that we won’t go to show as we are late ! We were told to wait 25min in corridor where was small tv as we couldn’t entry .I was with 8yo boy who was shocked by approaching the supervisor Emma Johnson who acted very rude saying that we should be appropriate there is to and we can watch the show until they allow us going in .Apparently there is very restricted rules . I was shocked as after all we saw some people going in with other entrance… Anyway when we finally went in after 25min ,there was constantly people walking around and I couldn’t understand how this is allowed. On the another hand that was out special occasion and completely spoiled. ! I went to so many shows and never had such a case . Anyway hopefully I wont experience this kind of situation in future .
Justyna, 18 Sep 2022
Wicked Review
Throughly enjoyed Wicked. The front of house staff are very helpful, friendly and efficient. From the seats we booked, we had an excellent view of the stage. We throughly enjoyed the performance and would highly recommend it to friends and family.
Maxine, 18 Sep 2022
What a show
I would fully recommend this show the performance is fantastic.
Adrian, 18 Sep 2022
Speaker noise interference
We were on row T of the stalls and we had a speaker above us the was constantly buzzing and crackling throughout the show. This was mentioned to a usher at half time but nothing was done about it in the second half. It ruined the show for us, a lot of money spent to simply listen to speaker interference. I’d expect more from a west end show. The show was ok, not the best I’ve seen in London. There was quite a few people asleep around us. The actors and singing were good when we could hear them above the speaker crackling.
Lucy, 12 Sep 2022
Absolutely loved it, the music and story. Would definitely recommend it
Joanne, 11 Sep 2022
perfect acting good story and brilliant costumes
Worth seeing
Barbara, 08 Sep 2022
Fabulous show.
A great all round family show suitable for all ages.
Samantha, 05 Sep 2022
A confusing storyline
While the acting and singing were very good, the story is disconnected and confusing. How is the witch alive after she died? Why couldn’t she save the munchkin? The transformations of characters did not make sense. Why did one become a scarecrow and one a tin man? Why did a good character turn into a tyrant? Who replaces the wizard? Maybe we could just not understand enough of the sung dialogue to understand why things were happening as they did . While the singers were good, the orchestra was loud and some of the singing was close to screaming in order to be heard above the music. We were sitting near the front and in the center. The ending was anti-climactic. We were hoping for a grand finale. The second act was short and unsurprising. The show has had great reviews and awards, so we were disappointed. Les Miserables is a better, more stirring show, and the sequence of events makes sense.
Gregory, 29 Aug 2022
Third time and still fantastic! New York, Dublin and London
We seen the show 3 times and this time was with the family. They all loved it and the storyline is so good, it’s hard not to love it. We all did!
John, 25 Aug 2022
Just fabulous to fulfill our expectations of a musical!
A wonderful present to my 11 year old grandchild, we enjoyed the show so much!The Magic of OZ is the Magic of the Show!We are French but once you explain the plot to children,the barrier of the language vanishes...A dazzling casting deserving a standing ovation!Congratulation!
Dominique, 25 Aug 2022
Wicked is Wicked
I brought my 2 girls to see this show and they smiled the whole way through. A fantastic evening out that I would recommend to any one who is a fan of musicals or theatre. You will never view the Wizard of Oz the same agin.
Mark, 23 Aug 2022
Great show, appalling theatre
The show was fantastic however the theatre itself was so unbearably hot, the seats were incredibly cramped to the point just being in the theatre gave me anxiety. The theatre should have a much better ventilation/air conditioning system. It was an extremely hot evening, and all I could smell was other peoples B.O, that coupled with extreme heat and being so cramped in my chair that I couldn't move made the experience extremely unpleasant. The theatre itself seemed way too small for the amount of people inside and I'd hate to think what would happen in an emergency in terms of fire exits. I left at intermission and didn't come back which is a shame because the show was so good. I will have to see it again somewhere actually pleasant where I can enjoy the show.
Matthew, 22 Aug 2022
nanny Jan
Story rather confusing as not a follow on from Wizard of Oz. You will need to have a read up before going.
Janice, 21 Aug 2022
Wicked wonderment
The show was fantastic. The set design was a wonderment for my children and every time I looked across the aisle at my son, the amazement in his face delighted me. We really enjoyed it all.
Nadine, 18 Aug 2022
Excellent Show!
The show has a great pace and made some excellent links to The Wizard of Oz but no need to have any prior knowledge. The music and quality of singing was fantastic and the state set up and lighting allowed each song to be belted out better than the last- thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would highly recommend.
Joshua, 17 Aug 2022
A dream come true
I’ve been wanting to watch Wiched for so long so I came with a lot of expectations and I’m really not disappointed. The acting and singing are incredible. The costumes are stunning and it is so nice to finally know the story of the witch in the wizard of Oz.
Lisa, 16 Aug 2022
Best show I've ever seen!
Myself and my ten year old absolutely loved this show. The production was amazing.. an unforgettable experience
Hazel, 15 Aug 2022
Fantastic show!!
The show itself was absolutely fantastic!!
Harry, 03 Aug 2022
Wow! What a show. Amazng cast and great venue.
Helen, 03 Aug 2022
The show was great. The main were the best. We laughed at some bits and they had the greatest singing voices for the part.
Jacqueline, 28 Jul 2022
Not What I Expected
Perhaps I didn’t like it because I wasn’t familiar with the story.
Jovana, 26 Jul 2022
Dramatic, exciting, enjoyable
This show is suitable for any age group. There is a powerful story to it which leaves us the message. 'Do not judge people by appearances. This show deserves five stars.
Veronica, 24 Jul 2022
One of the best shows I have seen at the Theatre!
Everything was brilliant - but I got to leave a shout out to Lucie Jones (she plays Elphaba on this run of Wicked), what a belter of a voice! Me and my best mate were singing along and I got goosebumps when she sang ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘For Good’. Brilliant acting, brilliant choreography, brilliant story! Oh… and even got a Wicked theme cocktail from the bar too - so it was definitely ‘one short day in the Emerald City’! Hopefully Wicked will come to Edinburgh one day!
Dannielle, 24 Jul 2022
Wicked show, a must see
Show excellent very disappointing venue, heat was unbearable and then shop sold warm bottles of water
Pj, 21 Jul 2022
Great show
Singing was amazing There were some great effects and surprisingly funny in parts
Allison, 20 Jul 2022
Must see!
Great show! snacks could be improved maybe some nachos, hot food etc also have more bins visible for rubbish during interval.
Jagdeep, 17 Jul 2022
One of the best kept secrets blew my mind.
The whole show was fabulous, creative captivating and charismatic. The leading ladies voices amazing. A twist I The story a well kept secret. FABULOUS ¹
Andrew, 15 Jul 2022
Must See!
From creative backdrops to colorful dresses and astounding music production, this is a must watch performance of all time.
Hazel Vera, 14 Jul 2022
Energetic, extravagant and funny.
Wonderful all around!
Mary, 13 Jul 2022
Fantastic and touching
It was a great show beyond my expectations.
JIN CHUL, 13 Jul 2022
Fantastic story line
Acting very good,not any dull moments,voices fantastic Would watch again
Kevin, 12 Jul 2022
The show was incredible! We were blown away with the performance. It really was just magical! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!
Jessica, 09 Jul 2022
outstanding show!
outstanding music, costumes, and voices!
reem, 06 Jul 2022
Excellent family show
Theatre is something to be seen and staff service and overall experience was great for our family
Jon, 04 Jul 2022
This show deserves all the hype it gets! I also love so much seeing a Welsh girl as the lead. I remember seeing Lucie on Xfactor years ago, incredible to see her dreams come true
Abbie, 03 Jul 2022
No memorable songs
The show is for young kids. No song stayed in your mind for more than 5 seconds. Slightly disappointed
Fernando, 02 Jul 2022
An enjoyable experience one I can say I've seen
Story was slow at the beginning As unfolded it was then apparent it was the beginning story of wizard of oz. Didn't do my home work! Characters were fantastic costumes amazing, a few moments through the songs some were very high pitch which could be sensitive to some ears. Overall very enjoyable. Prices for confectionery and drinks very reasonable plenty of merchandise
Emma, 29 Jun 2022
A fantastic show
Loved hearing the backstory to Oz ! Was such fun and well performed
Tracey, 23 Jun 2022
Excuisite and magnificent!
Such a unique dark twist on the story of "the wizard of Oz"! Amy Webb's performance of the wicked witch along with the rest of the cast, bring everything to life! The costumes, the live orchestra, the machinery used, the stage props and designs and the acting is almost excellent! Would really recommend!
Nikolas, 22 Jun 2022
Fantastic show!
The show was amazing and the whole experience at the theatre was excellent. It was my childrens first real experience of a West End show and we can’t wait to book another. My daughter will be singing ‘Defying Gravity’ for a long time to come.
Judith, 19 Jun 2022
brilliant show
the show was fantastic ,my only criticisem would be the music drowned out the singing, the volume on their voices could be increased slightly to compensate, otherwise very enjoyable
richard, 18 Jun 2022
Must see
Third time but still as good and fresh.
allan, 15 Jun 2022
Stunning amazing. Show
Highly recommend to new theatre goers remarkable sound vision set in fact a spectacular show in total
Maureen, 14 Jun 2022
It was all Amazing. Big shout out to everyone on that stage and the staff :)
Ana, 11 Jun 2022
Beautiful, good actors and in all a nice evening
It was an incredible evening. The only problem was that the high notes were too loud for the microphones and this made an unconfortaple noise
Elin, 07 Jun 2022
Fantastic night out in London
As a birthday surprise for my 14 year old girl.. she had been asking for a while. Absolutely fantastic show from start to finish.
Carol, 07 Jun 2022
Came with my 9year old daughter and this was her first BIG show. We’ve watched pantomimes at our small town theatre but this was incredible! A different level.
Sian, 06 Jun 2022
Loved the story line, the meaningful message; the singing spectacular , so talented; would advise anyone to see it that hasny
Ruth, 04 Jun 2022
Wonderfully Wicked!
Amazing show - we got there 20 mins before showtime. Note there are 2 entrance so the cue line went down quick. Be aware of a bag search which slows it a little. Interval app for ordering a head didn’t work but getting drinks and snacks was quick. Amazing show - would watch it again !
Paul, 03 Jun 2022
Wicked Smart
Honestly, this is my fourth or fifth time seeing Wicked in various cities but this production was my favorite!!! Everyone did such an amazing job.
Anne, 30 May 2022
Absolute must see!!
Seats were perfect, the show is the best I’ve ever seen and Lucie Jones vocals are insane!
Laura, 25 May 2022
Stunning show
An truly imaginative story based around Oz. Is the wicked witch but is she? Great music and sets.
Graham, 22 May 2022
Wonderful experience for my daughter's 11th birthday. The theatre is beautifully decorated & clean. Great areas to buy drinks. Show was amazing - the costumes, storyline and wonderful cast. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Valerie, 22 May 2022