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Wicked - The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz
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A wicked and wonderful vision of Oz

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About The Apollo Victoria

Originally built as a huge Art Deco monster of a cinema in the 1930s, the Apollo Victoria theatre has a vast stage and auditorium. The building still features the original Art Deco décor, including stunning stained glass panels and beautiful light fixtures. The Apollo Victoria consists of two incredibly large levels; the stalls and the royal circle and seats just over 2,000 people, making it one of the largest auditoriums in London. Situated in Victoria, the theatre is away from the West End but with brilliant transport links.

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Audience Latest Reviews

Thoroughly enjoyable
Great show, fab staging, cast, singing, quality of sound. Amazing performance from Laura Pick as Elphaba who stood in (had done a whole run before) but if you didn't buy the expensive £10 programme you'd've not known it was her, as the slip of paper informing us wasn't distributed to the seats. Only lost hearing a few sung words here and there re diction from a minor character (but that might have been a mic issue) but it didn't affect plot comprehension. It's interesting that it's an imagined story, created much later than the original stories by L. Frank Baum, of what was going on prior to Dorothy's arrival. I didn't see much of what was supposed be the reference to Dorothy herself from where I was sitting, but I didn't think it mattered. Mine was a last minute booking, myself & a friend, and seats still a bit pricey considering the cost of living, and that we were way up in the upper part of the circle. Not suitable if anyone has mobility issues as the steps are steep with nothing to hold onto. The queues for the loos were ridiculously long in the interval. Even though many people passed by to use the loos during the show, which was a bit annoying as their silhouettes constantly blocked our view but it was only momentarily, at least that meant that the queue wasn't therefore as long as it might have been. We made the mistake of waiting for it to go down. I joined it about 5 mins before interval end & just made it back to my seat, but my friend who joined it with 2 mins to go didn't, & had to climb the steps in the dark, probably annoying someone. We couldn't book other, better seats at the same price where only 3 in a row were left, as you "can't leave a single seat". I presume if it sold out with only a 3 left the algorithm would have allowed it, as who would book 3 seats if there's only 2 in your group?. Watch out for seats behind 'restricted view' seats as the restricted viewers may well get in the way as they crane their heads, or sit forward, thereby blocking your entire view.
Rosamund, 17 May 2022
Out of this world
A very entertaining musical and excellent scenery and the cast are excellent
John, 14 May 2022
Muster see
Great voices
Daniela, 14 May 2022

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